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Neuromuscular Dental Services

Our dentists at Edmundston offer neuromuscular dental services to restore your jaw to an optimal position and relieve associated symptoms.

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Neuromuscular dentistry, Edmundston Dentist

About Neuromuscular Dental Services

Teeth and body harmonize for positive results in overall health.

Neuromuscular dental services aim to help alleviate symptoms such as headaches, neck and shoulder pain, jaw pain, noises in the joints, or even noises in the ears (tinnitus). Often, these symptoms are related to incorrect positioning of the teeth or even the head.

At the Dentisterie Intégrale clinic, Dr. Gagnon and his team can provide personalized treatment options if you suffer from any of these symptoms.

How Does Neuromuscular Dental Treatment Work?

Our dentists can place your jaw in an optimal position to help alleviate the symptoms associated with temporomandibular pain by integrating dental and physiological principles.

Traditional dentistry focuses on the teeth, bones and gums. Neuromuscular dental services takes all these components into account, as well as the associated muscles and nerves. All these elements must work together as harmoniously as possible.

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Treatment Options

The aim is to correct the bite and achieve a physiological, harmonious position of the jaws with the rest of the body.

First, your dentist determines the optimal position of your jaw, head and neck muscles by relaxing them using a TENS device. A TENS unit provides pain-free transcutaneous neuroelectrical stimulation.

This stimulation focuses on the cranial nerves, which in turn stimulate the muscles, helping them to relax. This makes it easier to achieve a physiologically correct and comfortable position. 

Once the correct position of your jaw has been determined, your dentist will recommend treatment options to help you achieve and maintain a better jaw position. 

Treatment options include bite adjustment with orthoptics, orthoptic treatment or dental restorations.


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