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Mouth Guards

Our dentists at Edmundston offer custom-made mouth guards for sleep and sports to preserve and protect your oral health and general well-being.

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Mouth Guards, Edmundston Dentist

What is a Mouth Guard?

For those of us who participate in sporting activities or who clench or grind our teeth while sleeping, mouth guards can help preserve and protect our oral structures.

The mouth guards offered at Dentisterie Intégrale include night and sports mouth guards. They are used to help protect the health of your oral cavity and your overall well-being.

Custom-made Sports Mouth Guards

If you get hit in the mouth while playing sports, a custom-made mouth guard provides a barrier that acts like a cushion between your teeth and the soft tissues of your mouth to protect your smile.

The mouth guard is specially customized to fit your mouth and to protect your face from injury.

Custom-made Night Guards

If you suffer from nocturnal teeth grinding (bruxism), your quality of life can be affected. In addition to the headaches, neck pain, jaw stiffness and chronic fatigue it can cause, it can also lead to increased tooth wear. 

A mouth guard can help protect your teeth from damage and help relieve the pain so you can get a good night's sleep.

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