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The Invisalign Treatment Process

Invisalign clear aligners from Dentisterie Intégrale offer a convenient treatment option to help align your smile.

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Step 1

Planning the First Invisalign Consultation

After an oral examination to find out if Invisalign treatment is right for you, you'll be able to visualize what your smile might look like at the end of treatment, thanks to a 3D image of your smile produced by a digital scanner.

Step 2

Develop a Personalized Treatment Plan 

A personalized Invisalign treatment plan will be drawn up by one of our dentists. You'll also be informed of the approximate duration of your treatment, and the movements made by your teeth while wearing each pair of aligners will be recorded.

Step 3

Begin Personalized Treatment 

Pairs of Invisalign aligners will be made especially for you. You'll need to wear them every day and remove them before eating, drinking or brushing your teeth. After a few weeks, you will begin to notice your teeth straightening. 

Step 4

Change the Aligners Every Two Weeks

You'll switch to the next pair of transparent aligners every two weeks. You'll also have brief consultations at Dentisterie Intégrale every six weeks or so.

Step 5

Discover and Enjoy Your New Smile

During the final appointment, we'll explain the next steps and prescribe retention aligners to keep your teeth in their new positions.

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